Karls reputation for hand-made and distinct design from his 15 year traditional training in Londons Hatton Garden. After completing his apprenticeship and working for Graff, Karl set up his own studio working with private clients and making jewellery for many other designers.

Having worked with varying designs spanning many styles over the years he has gained a vast knowledge of design and craftsmanship and is now focussed on exploring and developing his own collections. His style has its roots in Art Deco design with a futuristic style, focussing on geometric forms and minimal details. His freeform and asymmetry designs bring something new and refreshing to the jewellery industry.

His inspirations spans from Carlos Scarpas brutalist architecture to Modernist artists such as like Kandinsky, Malevich and Popova 


"My collections seem to be ever evolving, I prefer to describe them as moods as I still add new designs to old collections on a regular basis."


Karl is also the founder of London Rocks Jewellery and host of the London Rocks Jewellery Youtube Channel.